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MASL would like to welcome you to the beautiful game of Soccer! On this page we will supply you with information regarding how MASL is dedicated to Player Safety, what type of Equipment you will need for the season and provide a link to our FAQ page for answers to questions. 

Recreational Team Selection & Coaches

All MASL Teams formations start with returning licensed coaches picking-up to four players from the previous Fall season as outlined in section 4.2 of Manteca Area Soccer League procedures. The rest of the team(s) are then selected via a popcorn format to fill the remainder of the team's roster. In the case where no volunteer coach has been assigned to a team and/or does not yet meet the licensing requirement, that team will be entirely rostered with popcorned players. Coaches' player requests are for Fall Season ONLY and are not for our Spring Season.

What Equipment Players Need:

All players will need:

If this is your child's first time playing, we recommend purchasing entry level equipment. When purchasing cleats try varied brands in your price range. Treat them like shoes and make your purchasing decision based on comfort in your price range. Check-out the buying guides provided by Dick's Sporting Goods to learn more about choices. If you have any questions about what gear to purchase we are here to help.




Manteca Area Soccer League takes your child's safety extremely serious. All MASL Volunteer Coaches, The Team Parent (Manager), and Board Members are compelled to have completed "Safe Sport Training", Be Fingerprinted, have passed two separate background checks, and taken "Introduction to Sports Safety" through US Club Learning Center.  For an overview of what Safe Sport is watch the Players Health Video.


Manteca Area Soccer League uses the US club weather guidelines to set our heat, cold, and general weather policies as well as Air quality guidelines. These decisions will be in coordination with national and local weather services, as well as the city of Manteca. For more information in regard to our policies and how they are decided please go to our "MASL Weather Policy" page


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Sideline/Field Etiquette


  • Be respectful
  • Cheer (use language like "Good Job", "Nice Move", "It's ok Keep Playing."
  • Focus on the fun of the game.
  • Be respectful to players, coaches, referee, and other parents on the sidelines
  • Stay on your team's sideline.










  • use vulgar Language of any kind
  • yell at players, Referee(s), other parents, or Coaches
  • coach any player this includes the following words or phrase: "Go to the ball", "get that player", "pass the ball", "dribble", etc...
  • engage in conversation with Referee's Before, During, or After Games. 
  • make contact with any referees in public spaces. If a referee reports Coaches, Parents, or Player engaging in inappropriate or threatening behavior even in public spaces disciplinary action may be taken.
  • bring noise makers of any kind. 
  • bring pets of any kind that are not specifically a state certified "Service Animal".
  • bring self-propelled transportation devices of any kind on Field(s) or Basin.

Uniform Information

Score Sports has been our exclusive uniform partner for over 15 years, providing our league with high quality uniforms at affordable prices. If you are registering online, please use the sizing chart provided to help choose the correct uniform size. Purchases from Score that have any numbers and/or logos are non-refundable. If you receive the wrong size uniform from what was listed on your paperwork first talk to your coach and see if it can be switched with another player.  If this is not an option, your coach will contact the GCC to select a remedy for the situation. Any wrong sizing by the parents/Guardian will be their sole responsibility to repurchase the correct size through our store front.

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