Manteca Area Soccer League Runs on Volunteers

Since 1981 MASL and Manteca Rangers has been a non-profit 501C3 that relies on its member volunteers to operate smoothly and efficiently. Volunteer opportunities that are less of a commitment but are incredibly important such as: helping with morning setup, Field Marshalls, picking up trash, packaging uniforms, making coaches bags, handing out equipment, etc. If your kids are looking for volunteer opportunities for school credit or other organizations, as a non-profit we can sign off on hours worked.

If you are looking to be part of shaping the direction of the league, we also have board positions available. These positions are voted on by our membership and are a two-year commitment. In the event of a vacancy in a position, it may be appointed by the Director of our league for the remaining duration of that position until it is up for a new vote.

If you're considering volunteering Remember, "We are all the League" voluteers keep the kids playing.   

Open Board Positions

  • Publicity Officer

To work with the Registrar, Ways and Means and Website Admin. Keep league website Calendar up to date, Flyers and Web Banner Creation, Photos of Games (for Recreational and Rangers) and Club function(s) for all social media and website, Community out reach(work with ways and means), Website news and events updates.

  • Equipment Manager

Work with League Commissioner and High Comp Commissioner to facilitate all equipment pick-up, Manage equipment inventories in league storage unit and Trailer (mostly Trailer), negotiate any equipment purchases, negotiate contracts with suppliers or  gather project bids, Assist Team Parent Coordinator in Ordering and Distributing Recreational Uniforms, and any other special duties that may be volunteered for or requested by board.

If you are interested in any of these positions please  contact us at the link below for more information. Both positions come with voting rights and are time flexible.

Ready to find out how you can help?

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